Thursday, May 26, 2016

Coffee Captivation

How many people do you know who could say that they dislike or have never been to Starbucks? The number of people who loathe Starbucks are quite low. The reasoning as to why people of all ages like Starbucks ranges from the food/drink variety, that it’s friendly environment for homework and meeting friends, and that almost everyone has an access to one!

Starbucks is an American coffee company and coffeehouse chain. It is located all over the world and is very popular for teenagers but people of all ages go to Starbucks. When asked why they liked Starbucks, most people gave vague answers - most people don’t know why they like Starbucks. Many people just said they go because their friends go. People go to Starbucks because it is a fun place to meet, and it's a trendy company.

There are more than 23,000 Starbucks shops located around the world, with 11,000 located in the United States. With so many shops being all over the world, it's easier to locate a Starbucks, which makes it far more convenient than most coffee shops. When asked, a student named Cassandra said, “It is easy to get to in the morning, because there are different stores on the way to school, and they have a really good breakfast variety that I love.” Also, with Starbucks having so many stores located around the world, people tend to go to Starbucks when they travel, because it is a familiar brand that they know.

Another reason why Starbucks is so popular is because of the variety of fun drinks and delicious pastries, and it's a good study place. Students love that they can go and get a s'more or a cotton candy frappuccino instead of just having to get a latte or decaf coffee. Caroline said that the main reason that she loves Starbucks is because they have really good pastries, unlike most other coffee shops. They have a good selection of hot or cold drinks and of different types of pastries and snacks. Students also say that it is a great place for them to hang out and do homework with friends because of the free Wi-Fi.

In conclusion, Starbucks is so popular because of their specialty drinks and yummy snacks. All Starbucks are very nice inside and appeal to most people as an expensive high quality coffee house. People recognize that, if they spend a little more money on coffee, they will get a perfect and delicious beverage.

Article by Hali, Naomi, and Mia

Friday, May 20, 2016

Cheese Rolling?!?!?!

The annual event of Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake takes place in Gloucester, England on Spring Bank Holiday in May. People from all over the world come to this hill to chase a giant wheel of cheese down a steep hill and others come to watch competitors tumble. Cheese Rolling is a tradition where people compete by chasing after a giant wheel of cheese, and deal with the steepness of the hill and other competitors run and fall down the hill.
Cheese Rolling is a very dangerous competition, many injuries have occurred during this contest. In recent years the hill was always maintained and kept nice, since 2010 the hill has not been maintained which makes it more difficult for the competitors to make it down the hill safely. With the ditches and holes in the ground, to the wet slippery hill, cheese rolling is very dangerous and is recommended that experts compete only.
Not only is there cheese rolling but a lot of fun activities for all ages. You will be able to taste and purchase all types of cheese. For the younger kids they have bean bag tossing, face painting, balloons and much more. The cheese rolling festival allows fun for all people. The competition is a fun way to get together, people dress up in fun costumes and they tumble their way down the hill.
For the roll they use a 7-9 pound roll of Double Gloucester which is a hard cheese made in a wheel.  Each roll of the cheese of cheese is put in a wooden casing to protect it as it tumbles down the hill at 70 miles-per hour .  At the beginning of the race people decorate the outside of the cheese with colorful ribbons.  A local cheesemaker and her son have been providing the race with their rolls since 1988.  Traditionally there three rolls of of cheese that go down the hill.  In 2013 cheese maker Diane Smart was warned by a police officer that she could be held accountable for any injuries that occurred.   
In the past, contestants have successfully crossed the finis line and received their prizes. 27-year-old and a 39-year-old males each won one of the four races in 2013. Winners of Cheese Rolling receive the wheel of Double Gloucester cheese they were chasing after and they also with two free ski season passes.
Although this event may seem crazy and senseless to some people, it actually originated from a representative ceremony. Rolling burning brushwood a hill represented birth of the New Year and was said to bring fertility and fruit harvests. This is where the idea of rolling cheese down a hill came from.

Cheese rolling may be one of the weirdest and most dangerous sports, but it is definitely very entertaining to watch. The event is basically people face planting down the hill for a huge piece of cheese, but it’s a fun experience you’ll never forget.  

By: Mia R., Hali W., Naomi B.

Chicken or The Egg

Which came first - the chicken, or the egg? According to, it’s a phrase we use in a situation in which it is “impossible” to say which of two things existed first and which caused the other. It is possibly the most controversial question in the world. However, recent science has confirmed that the egg did come before the chicken.

In nature, things evolve as changes (called mutations) are made to their DNA, which (usually) doesn't happen during a life, but when offspring is being produced. Before the first chicken zygote (its first cell, from which the full chicken grows) was created, there were no chickens, only non-chicken birds. Basically, two birds that were not considered chickens yet mated, which created a new zygote cell that contained the mutations needed to become what would then become the first chicken. The zygote cell is the only place where the mutated DNA could come together and form an organism, and the zygote cell is housed in the chicken’s egg. In case it’s still unclear, in simpler words, two birds that weren’t biologically chickens created an egg that hatched a chicken. Therefore, the egg came first.

When asked, 50% of students at Treasure Mountain Junior High said that the egg came first and the other half said that the chicken came first. So half of the students were right and the other half should probably read this article. The mystery to this question has been solved.

Why is Trump becoming popular?

The election is coming up quickly. After Kasich and Cruz dropped out, only three candidates remain: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders. Obviously, Trump running for President was sort of a joke to many people, but now that it’s narrowed down, people are starting to change their minds and think about what would be best in the future.

Trump was not expected to go very far in this election because of his poor behavior. At first, a lot of people were against him because of his racist and sexist remarks. Many women and people of different races especially didn’t like him because of the comments he would make about anyone that wasn’t a rich, white man. Other than his experience and decent ideas, there really isn't much to like about Trump. He has the most normal ideas out of all the candidates, but his comments make people see him as just a rude person. Bernie is a socialist, Cruz was conservative, and Hillary is a criminal, so that doesn’t leave much room for normal candidates, which we don’t have.

Since either Donald or Hillary is expected to be elected, US citizens are considering who they’re going to vote for (or if they want to vote at all - many people are just avoiding the situation altogether). Surprisingly, a lot of people who didn’t support or believe in Trump are beginning to see him as a serious option. A family friend, James, asked, “Who would you rather have as President? A criminal [Hillary] or just a really bad person?” Just like James, people are realizing that Hillary Clinton may really be fake and wouldn’t be trustworthy as President, while Donald Trump is super transparent and likes to speak his mind.

By Mackenna Doilney and Caroline Haaijer

Top 5 Places to Ski in the Summer

1. Les 2 Alpes, France - This popular mountain in France is open in the winter from the beginning of December, to the end of April. In the summer, Les 2 Alpes is open from mid-June, to the end of August. Although the lifts only run some of the time, the mountain is open year-round for anyone that wants to ski. The lifts run up to 11,811 ft high and has the largest skiable glacier in Europe. Les 2 Alpes is the 2nd oldest ski resort in France next to Chamonix, another populous ski resort. This resort has an amazing view of many mountain ranges in France.

2. Zermatt, Switzerland- Zermatt is a renowned ski resort for skiing, climbing, and other alpine activities. Much of it’s local economy is from the many tourists that visit the town. A very famous mountain in the Alpes is called the Matterhorn, which is next to the resort in Zermatt. The year round population is 5,770, but with so many tourists coming to ski, the population changes.

3. Ski Portillo, Chile - This resort is located in South America, in the Andes Mountain range. Ski Portillo has 35 runs and 14 lifts, reaching as high as 10,860 ft. This ski resort in Chile is most well known to hold world cup races for athletes all around the world. Athletes on the US Ski Team and other teams around the world ski here and race here for world cup points. Ski Portillo is between Chile and Argentina, but access is usually limited due to very heavy snow falls. Portillo is open from mid-June to early October, ranking as the 3rd best place to ski in the summer.

4. Mount Hood, Oregon- Mount Hood is located 50 miles east of Portland. Here, you can swim or canoe in one of the many lakes, hike to beautiful waterfalls, and best of all, ski! The mountain goes to about 11,240 feet high. The ski resort is one of the few in the world that is open all year round. It is a small ski resort, but an excellent glacier to ski on with a great snow pack. A lot of ski racers go to this resort to train for the upcoming winter season.

5. Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia - Located north of Vancouver, Canada, Whistler Blackcomb is one of the biggest resorts in the US. It has a peak-to-peak gondola, running from Whistler to Blackcomb and claiming the name of highest and longest unsupported cable car in the world. It is one of the most-visited resorts in the world, with over 2 millions visitors a year. This mountain held the 2010 Olympics with super g, downhill, giant slalom, slalom and super combined. Whistler Blackcomb has over 200 runs and their longest run is 6.8 miles long.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How To Make A Relationship Last

Relationships are very unpredictable. Sometimes they last, sometimes they don’t. Due to the fickleness, there are some things that determine whether a relationship survives or doesn’t survive. Specific things can really help. With that said, here are some of the statistically shown things that help a relationship last.

The biggest thing that helps a relationship last, is money. The more money the couple earns together, the less chance there is of a divorce. The only thing that can change this, is if you both are too busy for each other, and never spend any time together. To prevent this, make sure you schedule time and dates that you and your significant other can spend time together. This will help make a healthy and happy relationship.

Another thing that helps a relationship last, is the time spent dating before proposal. If a couple dates three years or more, their relationship will last longer. Three years is probably a good time to wait to get to know each other and know their true colors. After all, Some people aren’t who you expected them to be. People who get married at a young age, typically get divorced.

The third thing that helps a relationship last, is communication. The more you communicate with your significant other, the more that your relationship will stay strong. Communication involves talking about your feelings, ideas, and concerns about the relationship, or just about daily life. People who don’t communicate, have too many unresolved feelings inside and usually feel overwhelmed. Communication is one of the biggest reasons people break up and get divorced.

The fourth thing that helps a relationship last, is to stay postive. If you are always talking to your significant other about how depressed and sad you are, the chances of your relationship lasting is not that great. No one wants to be with a negative person all the time. It’s very annoying, and will most likely make the person upset too. So, be happy and look at the bright side of every situation.

The last and final thing that helps a relationship, is to not be controlling. Don’t be searching through their internet history, or their text messages. You should have enough trust in that person, that you are not worried. If you are worried, then you should just break up the relationship, because you shouldn’t be with someone you can’t trust. Controlling behavior is not cool, and will definitley lead to heartbreak.


Thursday, May 12, 2016

Top 5 Dumbest Things Junior High School Students Do.

Junior High Students are typical teenagers. However, as teenagers, we can do some dumb things. Adults usually don’t realize the types of idiotic things we do because we usually do it with our friends. With that said, here are the top five dumbest things junior high students do.

The dumbest thing that junior high students do, is having boyfriends and girlfriends at this young age. If you like someone more than a friend, just be friends with them! If they like you too, that’s great! Date in high school. This problem has been so big. Many kids are having many boyfriends/girlfriends in short periods of time. As an example, a boy will date 15 girls in a month. This leads to lots of heartbreak and dumb reasons why people are so depressed. The majority of people our age have had their first kiss, and have had a least one boyfriend/girlfriend.

The second dumbest thing junior high school students do, is make perverted comments. This is a big inconvenience. Just because you think something inappropriate doesn’t mean you have to say it to them. This is very common toward females. Perverted comments are usually caused due to hormonal changes, and new thoughts about the opposite sex.

The third dumbest thing junior high school students do, is dabbing. The “dab” is when someone puts their nose to the elbow (like sneezing) with the other arm up. It is a popular dance. It can be very annoying to see people just randomly dabbing.

The fourth dumbest thing junior high students do, is cracking cell phone screens and just being irresponsible with technology. If you were to ask a group of teenagers to show you their phone, you would see many with cracked screens. This shows they are being very irresponsible with their technology. Another example of being irresponsible with technology, is leaving your phone in the snow for two months. As hard as this is to believe, I have met several people who have done this.

The fifth and last dumbest thing junior high students do, is taking selfies obsessively. Selfies such as “walking down the street,” “At the store,” “At school,” “Just chilling,” “Just got out of the shower,” “Just being lazy,” stuff like that. Selfies have gotten so popular, but kids are now extremely obsessed with this fad, and will not stop taking pictures of themselves. Teens will do anything to take a “cool” selfie, even though some are very dangerous.

As you can see, junior high students do a lot of dumb things. But, as we get older, we hopefully will become more responsible and more intelligent about our decision making.

By: Brianna Miller, and Julianna Foltynowicz

X the Exam!

The eighth grade Math Honors final exam is scheduled on June 2, the second-to-last day of school. Every eighth grader is required to take this test. This results in laptop issues and unnecessary stress, and many students will be absent for the last week.

As the end of the year approaches, everyone is super excited for the summer and just want school to be over, but teachers have a different idea. End-of-year tests are being planned in multiple classes for either the week before school gets out or the very last day of school. This causes students to be worried about their grades and have to stay up late studying for all of their tests. By having students take tests that close to the end of the year, they will be stressed about trying to get their grades back up before the end of the year. Students will be so worried about doing well on their tests that they will forget to enjoy their last few weeks of school with their friends. The last days of school are supposed to be fun and enjoyable - students should not be freaking out about them!

All students are required to take the end of the year final, which goes over everything students have learned throughout the year... yet they return their laptops on May 31st. How are students supposed to take the final exam? The students could take the exam on paper, but if that's the case, how will the exams be graded and put into PowerSchool before grades lock? If the exam is graded and put into PowerSchool, students will have no way of checking their grades, so they'll have no chance to get their grades up by doing extra credit. The exam should be taken a week before school ends; this at least gives a fair chance for students to get their grades up.

For the summer, many families are planning big, long trips. These vacations might require kids to school a few days early to catch flights. If the final math exam is on June 2nd or June 3rd, then many students will have to take the test earlier. If so many students aren’t even taking the test on the day it’s scheduled, ALL students should take it a week before the last day. Having half of the students take the test early and the other half take the test at the very end of the year is just more useless work. It would make the testing process easier for the students and teachers will have a longer amount of time to grade the tests.

Overall, having the final math exam the day before school ends is unfair to the students and doesn’t benefit anybody. The test should be at least a week before the last day to prevent problems, like unneeded anxiety, work, and, most likely, a decline in grades. By the second to last day, the school won’t even have the resources necessary to take the test. These issues can easily be avoided if the exam is rescheduled to an earlier date.

Article by Mia Rapella, Naomi Baltzan and Hali Weaver

Shannon Hase: The Teacher That Rules Our School

     Mr. Hase is the teacher that everyone looks forward to having when they take geography. He’s hands down one of the best teachers in Treasure Mountain Jr. High. Mr. Hase is a kind person who cares about all of his students and you can really tell. He’ll never give up on his students whether they are failing his class or continuously getting As.
     Thank goodness Mr. Hase is bad at math or he wouldn’t be the most amazing geography teacher. Not only is he an amazing teacher, but he is an amazing person. He says that his mother’s mother is his biggest inspiration. She shaped him into the person he is today. She taught him to be nice to others, enjoy crossword puzzles and have a great sense of humor. All of Mr. Hase’s students love sharing a laugh with him. The best part of the day is when Mr. Hase tells us not to laugh, then bursts out into laughter, and the students can’t help but giggle along.
     Mr. Hase is the epitome of the perfect teacher. Not only does he love his job, but he loves his students. Working with the students is Mr Hase’s favorite part of the job. Unlike other teachers Mr Hase loves all of his students even if they are failing.
     Before Mr. Hase gets to school he enjoys a nice cup of coffee. If Mr. Hase had to describe his life in a movie title it would be “ Shannon Hase: The Movie. My life as a knucklehead”. Mr. Hase is hands down the best teacher in Treasure Mountain Jr. High. We are looking forward to seeing “Shannon Hase: My life as a Knucklehead”. Thanks for being the amazing teacher you are.

Five Dress Trends by Murphy and Sydney

Two-Piece Sets!
Everyone knows that, within the last year, crop tops have made an astounding comeback into the world of fashion. This new trend for two piece dresses are cutting edge and a great way to steal the show at any event. Also, when a two piece dress is combined with a high neckline, it is beyond trendy!

Along with the two-piece trend, cutouts featured in prom dresses are totally in style right now. They can also be very flattering on any body. Plus, these dresses will be easy to find in any store and fit any style requirements.

The glam and bling this year is unreal! From sequins to beading to stitched patterns, people are really piling on the glam this season. For a client trying to stand out in the crowd this season, there is no question that the glitz and the glam will be incorporated in their dress.

Backless and Simple!
This trend will always be a favorite and a crowd pleaser. This trend is simply beautiful and can be very sexy as well. A dress like this is timeless and an amazing choice.

Fun and Floral!
These dresses are very unique and amazing to look at. This bold print is absolutely beautiful on any dress silhouette. The floral trend is dramatic and surely unforgettable!